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Character: Thancred Waters
Age: Early 30s - 32 ~ 35? Somewhere in there?
The game is kind of hazy on how much time has passed between the beginning of A Realm Reborn and the end of Stormblood. Sometimes quests and item text make reference to the passage of time - sometimes significant amounts of time! - and yet other quests will act as though no time at all has passed. Luckily Thancred grew up a street urchin so his age can be a mite fuzzy anyway, but he is roughly somewhere between 32 and 35, depending on how long from ARR to SB.
Canon: Final Fantasy XIV
Canon Point: Just after the conclusion of Stormblood.

Wiki link!

Three notes b/c the FF wiki is ... a thing that needs editing:

1. The wiki was written before Squeenix went back and fixed a mistake wherein they forgot to check off the 'odd eye color' box on Thancred's character model, so contrary to what the wiki says, his left eye is white at this point and presumably blind (though possibly still light sensitive given that he continues to wear a bandanna over it; he never states directly, but depending on where the PC goes in an eventual dialogue fork, Y'shtola mentions that she finds his ability to compensate for the injury to his eye impressive). He's a bit evasive about how it happened, saying something about women liking battle scars, but it was probably fighting a monster on the mountainside, and the eye was permanently damaged. Although his character model does not reflect this, I like to imagine that he also has some scarring around it, covered by the cloth.

2. The wiki fails to mention that when the party fights the Warriors of Darkness, using their and the Warrior of Light's crystals of light, they are able to give enough power to Hydaelyn to both teleport them to an aetherial realm and to restore Minfilia - in the form of the Word of the Mother - to bodily form. The Warriors of Darkness come from one of the reflections of the source world (the world the game takes place in), and their world has grown so filled with Light that it risks being lost. Hydaelyn agrees to send Minfilia as her emissary with the Warriors of Darkness back to their own world to do what she can to save it before it's too late. After confirming that Minfilia must go alone, Thancred tells her to make him proud, and although she promises to return one day, it is unknown if she ever will.

3. The wiki thus far only covers events up to the end of patch 3.5, so here is a quick and dirty summary of what follows in 3.55 and 4.0 as it pertains to him:
In the aftermath of Papalymo's sacrifice to trap Shinryu, the Warrior of Light teams up with Cid and Nero to use an ancient Allagan weapon Omega to defeat the primal. The ensuing battle breaks the shell and disperses the last of Papalymo's aether, causing the tattoos on Yda's neck to disappear. This prompts her to reveal that the actual Yda died six years ago, and that she is actually Yda's younger sister Lyse. The other Archons were aware of this but had agreed to keep the act up at Papalymo's behest.

Lyse decides to fight for the freedom of Ala Mhigo from Garlemald's oppression, and the rest of the Scions determine to assist her -- and later to expand their efforts to free Doma from imperial rule as well to help inspire more to the cause. After all, if one occupied territory can regain independence then surely that bodes well for others trying the same. Accordingly, the Scions split up, with most of them accompanying Lyse. Thancred and Urianger, however, stay behind - Urianger to watch over the Waking Sands and Thancred to assist with back end work, so to speak.

Thancred does not reenter the active fray until some time later when Krile is captured by Garleans and taken to the Magitek Research Facility in Ala Mhigo, for research associated with her Echo. Upon learning of her abduction, Thancred leaves to track her down, infiltrating the Magitek Research Facility to find her. Unable to rescue her on his own, he meets up with the rest of the Scions and the allied forces who have taken back more of Ala Mhigo to share what he's learned. He then assists both with Krile's rescue and with the retaking of the capital of Ala Mhigo.

In the end, the Resistance, the Eorzean Alliance, friends from Doma and the Warrior of Light & Scions of the Seventh Dawn together successfully drive the Garleans from Ala Mhigo, liberating it. Thancred reflects that Minfilia - no, Ascilia (her real name) - and her father would be pleased to know their homeland was at last free again. In the wake of the triumph, Lyse gathers the Scions to inform them that she will be leaving their organization to take up a leadership role with the resistance and help with rebuilding her home - and as such, she can no longer claim the neutrality their organization is supposed to hold. However, they all assure her that she is part of their family regardless and that they'll always be around to help her if she needs.

And it is here, in the happy aftermath of success that Thancred comes to Empatheias...!

Thancred is a hot mess with a guilt complex who tries to pretend he isn't by being a (sometimes) stoic workaholic who speaks both bullshit and sarcasm fluently. Intelligent, charismatic, personable and resourceful, he can be a good actor when he wants to be - important as his main occupation and role within the Scions of the Seventh Dawn is basically espionage and info gathering. He most often presents himself as a bard, a scholar, and/or a "man of refinement", even if at present he is in need of a good shave...

Outside of his work (which consumes most of his life really), his main hobbies are his cover as a bard (he does enjoy poetry and storytelling and playing with language), carousing, and flirting with women (mostly - he has a time or two had a potentially flirty comment for a male, including the Player Character if he is male; that said, his main interest seems to be very much women). While at times this proves useful to his work - a lover is more apt to let secrets slip, after all, and connections of any sort can be of value - at times it also can be a detriment, if he gets distracted or if one woman grows jealous when witnessing or suspecting him showering affections upon another. He has crushes at times as well, some fleeting and others more lasting - though it's hard to tell quite how much of it is for show and the sake of maintaining an image. Some certainly is, but not all - he does indeed enjoy himself, after all! -- though it is worth noting that since his extended time alone in the wilderness, he has rather toned down his flirtations and tendency for distraction. There has been too much going on that is far too serious for him to let himself be sidetracked, and he has had much to work through besides.

In any case, although he is highly competent at what he does and uses his words, charms and smiles as shields and obfuscation, beneath lies a large knot of grief and pain and guilt. He holds himself to at times unreasonably high standards and judges himself harshly when he fails to live up to them - moreover, he is always keenly conscious of the idea that he should have done better than he did. Acted sooner, made a different decision, done or not done a particular thing, and then maybe he would have saved this person. And although at one point he professes "the past is the past, and there is naught to be gained from reliving your mistakes," he nonetheless has a tendency to do just that. It's been 15+ years since a monster getting loose at a parade killed Minfilia's father, but to this day Thancred still feels responsible for not preventing it - and that is hardly the only or even the biggest of his failures (both alleged and true).

Additionally, he feels responsible for things done with his body even though they were not by his will when he was possessed by Lahabrea. Although he in truth was a victim, taken advantage of due to depression and overworking himself, he nonetheless still feels guilt and responsibility for the terrible things Lahabrea did. And he's still reaping the consequences of this occurrence besides - being possessed and then having the possessor forcibly ejected left his aether damaged, and Y'shtola's Flow spell, although it saved their lives, further damaged it to the point that he can no longer teleport or make use of other magic that he could before. He does not let on whether or not he is bothered by this but just deals with it and carries on.
"I have fought tooth and nail for the people I hold dear--done everything in my power to save them...and I have failed."

On top of the guilt that comes with letting people down (and letting himself down), Thancred also as mentioned carries a lot of pain with him. His life has been a hard one from the beginning. He grew up on the streets of a dangerous city full of cutthroats and pirates, where it is not uncommon (albeit rather less so over recent years thanks to attempts at reform and a bit more law and order) for the unwary to simply disappear, taken by slavers or pirates or any number of deaths. And a thief and rogue he might have remained, had not he gotten a lucky break, giving him the chance at a deep education and a chance at more. Although after his long sojourn in the wilderness he seems less uncomfortable with his origins (perhaps because he has abandoned many of the pretenses he once put forth in favor of simply wearing his steel openly both figuratively and physically), he nonetheless is not inclined to speak much about it save for occasional mentions when relevant (such as a remark to the effect that he can swim well and hold his breath a long time, thanks to his childhood).

Louisoix, the man who gave him that break, became something of a father figure and mentor to Thancred - someone whom he loved and looked up to. The head of his found family. But alas, Louisoix died, and recently Thancred has seen still more of those he cares about most lost in their efforts. And of particular note among those is Minfilia.

Minfilia was the successor to Louisoix in leading those who would save their land from the threat of Primals and so on. She also was a very dear friend and basically a younger sister to Thancred. They have been close, supporting each other for years, and although Minfilia is not technically dead, she has nonetheless gone to another world in a way he cannot follow. Therefore, he mourns her too and can but hope maybe someday she will be back. "She had so many dreams," he says of her, and he hopes to see them through in his own way.
"You make your choice and you live with the consequences."

Nevertheless, despite the hardships and loss, Thancred never lets it stop him from moving forward. After all, their work is never ending, and even if there are times he has failed, there are times where he might yet succeed if he keeps going forward. Thus, he has a tendency to throw himself into work - both to live up to his own standards of what be done and as a coping mechanism. He's the sort of person who pushes his personal problems aside and buries them because there are more important things to do.

He tends to try to downplay his own injuries and mental struggles to others, preferring to present himself as capable and confident. (A scar is a sign of survival of some heroic action, appealing to maidens and a good source of stories and songs, after all!) Besides, he does not idle well and lying abed ill suits him. That said, after the extended wilderness episode, he falls into outright stoicism and silence at times in lieu of deflection and hiding behind a curtain of words. To some things... there is just nothing for even him to say.

- dramatic entrances
- can (apparently) hold his breath for 10 minutes underwater
- a knack for selling leather waistcoats
- who the hell needs depth perception? not this guy!
- espionage
- capable and deadly fighter --> favors dual blades but capable with a single sword or bare handed like the multi-classing bastard he is
- athletic and quite acrobatic
- miscellaneous skills associated with thievery, "persuasion", spying, smooth talking, etc. -> definitely knows how to stack decks, rig dice, etc., good sleight of hand
- not only street smart, he's book smart too! The marks on his neck reveal his status as an Archon in Sharlayan - roughly the equivalent of someone with a masters or even doctorate degree
- drunken poetry
- surviving. he's really good at surviving things. like a cockroach or something. but a very acrobatic one!
- once upon a time he could cast a bit of magic, cure spells and teleporting and such, but alas no more! If someone fixed his soul/aether maybe he could again, but... well...

Alignment: Daimonia
Thancred's life has been one of fairly steady tragedy and loss - from a childhood as an orphan living on the streets to recently having lost lost two important friends - one of whom was basically a little sister to him. Grief is ever-present for him in a way that few other emotions are.

Can Thancred bring with him the censorship nutkin? According to the lore book, it is his 'boon companion', and it appears in the Rising Stones with him at times. Legit, it's just a grey squirrel. There's really nothing special about it.


General Sample: TDM threads!

Emotion Sample:
[Thancred is in a good mood - and that probably means trouble. Whether he's causing it, poking his nose into it or simply caught up in it remains to be seen, but the point remains that trouble is afoot, and Thancred has a shit-eating grin on his face.]

I've found it.

[Even his voice is delighted with his declaration, as he spreads a map of the city on the table for the others to see. He taps a building that - at least on paper - seems innocuous enough. Just a place in one of the market areas, probably a shop. But Thancred is, apparently, convinced that this is the base of operations for a particular criminal gang they've all been tracking.]

Believe me when I say you're better off not knowing how I found it, but rest assured this is the place.

[He pauses, glancing back down at the map as he realizes with some embarrassment that where he's tapped, the lines and shapes of the map have begun to change color - indeed, infected with his delight and eagerness, much of the map has filled in with cheery bright colors. He coughs, retracting his hand and stepping back, the colors fading a little bit with his discomfort. One day he'll get used to the way this place adds to his display of emotions, but he isn't there quite yet.]

-- and also rest assured that it is a good deal less pink than the map makes out.

How's the weather?


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